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Working Groups

Immigrant Rights

The Immigrant Rights Working Group is working on several fronts in the neighborhood. Click here for more information or contact Jaime Pullen to get involved (

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Working Group is focusing on several areas, including restorative justice. They grew out of the Racial Justice group. Contact Andy Lesser-Gonzalez and Sharon Sabin to get involved (,


  • RISE Arts – Contact Mary Harman to get involved (
  • Muslim Teach-In Event – Contact Faith Perry to get involved (
  • On Tyranny Discussions – Contact Sarah Byrnes to get involved (


  • Housing Justice – The Housing Justice Bridge group connects RISE with ongoing efforts in  Roslindale and Boston to protect and create affordable housing. This group grew out of the Racial Justice group. Contact Claire Gosselin to get invovled (
  • Civic Engagement – The Civic Engagement Bridge group connects RISE with local efforts around voter registration and political advocacy. Contact Allison Bayer to get involved (
  • Climate and Environment – RISE connects with Greening Rozzie and the climate and environmental movements through this bridge. Contact Eric Smalley for more info (