RISE is a growing network of neighbors working to ensure that Roslindale is a safe home for all of us, inclusive of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion or anything else. RISE is working to resist oppressive policies and build the infrastructure our community needs so that we can all live dignified lives.

RISE es una red creciente de vecinas trabajando para asegurar que Roslindale sea un lugar seguro para todas nosotras, inclusivo de expresiones de raza, género, orientación sexual, religión, capacidades, etc. RISE está trabajando para resistir las políticas opresivas y para construir la infraestructura que nuestra comunidad necesita para que todas podamos llevar vidas dignas.

Contact Us

To contact RISE Members directly Join our Facebook Group.

Email us at roslindalerise@gmail.com.

Leadership Team

On September 25,  2017, 19 people met and confirmed a slate of nine people to serve on the first-ever RISE Leadership Team. The team began meeting monthly in November 2017. Congrats to Aileen Montour, Alejandro Rodriguez, Andy Lesser-Gonzalez, Ingrid Lechuga de Hernandez, Jaime Pullen, Larry Bayer, Maria Hernandez, Mary Harman and Sarah Byrnes.

Update, April 2018: Since November, in addition to planning and debriefing the December Birthday Party, the team has been focusing on supporting the many parts of RISE. Check out the Updates page on our website for a snapshot of some of the work we have supported. For more info on the structure of RISE Working Groups, Projects and “Bridges,” click here. The Leadership Team initially volunteered to serve for six months, and now will volunteer for another six months, during which time they will figure out a longer-term self-perpetuation strategy for the Leadership Team. In October, RISE will hold another annual meeting and will put out a call for people who would like to join the Leadership Team. If you are interested, feel free to email roslindalerise@gmail.com.