Important Event Update—February 26

Intentional Boycott!!

A few days ago, an event was listed at NextDoor Parkway titled “Answering Myths About ICE.”  The notice just appeared last week; the event is tomorrow Tuesday, February 26.

You all may remember that there was a similar event that took place at the Elks Lodge in West Roxbury about two years ago.

Several activist groups from West Roxbury and Roslindale have discussed this upcoming event and highlight important points below:

First — it is important to respond.  

  • The event is presented as educational, but it is not.
  • The event description has questions framed in a completely biased way and refers to  “criminal illegal alien immigrants” several times.
  • Main speaker is from the Center for Immigration Studies: The Southern Poverty Law Center designated CIS as a hate group in 2016, citing CIS’ circulation at the time of white nationalist and anti-Semitic writers, as well as its alleged ties to the American nativist movement.” Reports published by CIS have been disputed by scholars on immigration, fact-checkers such as PolitiFactFactCheck.OrgSnopes, media outlets such as Washington Post, CNN and NBC News, and immigration-research organizations. Chicago Tribune, 12/21/2017:  
    “The parents that would undertake this perilous journey to the United States would be less likely to do it if they knew they would be separated from their kids,” said Andrew Arthur, a resident fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, which seeks to reduce immigration. A former U.S. immigration judge and Republican congressional policy staffer, he called it “a reasonable step to take.”
  • (see and
  • (It’s also worth noting that an ICE director will take part  — what is a government employee doing at an event sponsored by a hate group?)
  • (And also worth noting that Suffolk County DA Rachael Rollins is named — they are making her a target.)

We want it to be clear that there is no place in our local community for hate groups or events advertised as educational that are really promoting propaganda.

The public response that we’ve settled on is to call for a boycott of the event.  This position is also supported by the ACLU legislative director – it’s important not to give “oxygen” to this event as a protest or even asking polite questions. 

We’ll continue to post information about the Safe Communities Act and immigration policy. We’ve asked our local elected officials to speak out against hate-based policies and events, and for the media to critically cover the event. And, we ask all of you to renew your commitment to pass the Safe Communities Act.

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