If Trump Fires Mueller

No doubt you’ve heard that Donald Trump is considering firing Robert Mueller, the special counsel charged with investigating his ties to Russia, his obstruction of justice, and more. If Trump does fire Mueller, it will trigger a Constitutional crisis for our democracy.

RISE is connecting with a large coalition preparing emergency “Nobody is Above the Law” rallies that will happen across the country directly following the firing, should it occur. In Boston, there will also be a rally if Trump fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. You can sign up here to get alerts directly from the coalition.

The rally will take place in the Boston Common, across Beacon Street from the State House. If Trump makes the announcement before 2pm, people will gather at 5pm that day. If after 2pm, people will gather by noon the following day. There will be an announcement from the organizers and from RISE.

Special RISE Twist: RISE thinks this rally will be more effective if it has a target. We’ve seen Republicans give Trump pass after pass as he crosses line after line. If Trump does fire Mueller, Republicans need to take loud and clear action to rebuke Trump and ensure that the FBI’s investigation continues.

Here in Massachusetts, Republican Governor Baker needs to lead this charge. At the rally, RISE will demand that he speak out and contact his Republican colleagues in Congress. We have reached out to the rally organizers about this.

You can expect an email from RISE about the rally and the steps we will take to target Governor Baker. We are also experimenting with sending text messages to RISE Members. If you want to get a text, make sure we have your phone number here. (We promise to only text you sparingly, and you can opt out any time!) Also if you want to help us plan and think this through, please reply to this email, we’d love your help!

We need to show our lawmakers that we won’t stand by while Trump moves the US toward authoritarianism. Hope you’ll join the rally and join us in demanding leadership from Governor Baker, when and if this is all needed.

Thank you,
Sarah, Ingrid, Maria, Jaime, Andy, Aileen, Mary and Larry
The RISE Leadership Team

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