RISE Immigrant Rights Updates, March 2018

The Safe Communities Act: Backed by the People but Not Elected State Officials This Year

Sad, maddening news. The Safe Communities Act which RISE has endorsed and worked hard to pass appears dead for this legislative session, ending June 30See a comprehensive summary of the latest legislative machinations related to a new, far inferior bill from RISE member Kathy Fitzgerald (big thanks to Kathy for the summary!).

Stay tuned for next steps on filing SCA for the next legislative session which begins July 1, 2018.A few steps towards progress which we made together:

  • In February, both State Sen. Rush and State Rep. Scaccia wrote letters urging the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to release the bill for full vetting and debate within the House and Senate.  These letters were a direct result of all of RISE members’ advocacy throughout the year. In the end, the Committee Chairs elected to table the bill “for study” without ever taking a committee vote about sending it to the floor of the House and Senate for debate. Please thank Sen. Rush and Rep. Scaccia for urging a fair and open debate on the Safe Communities Act and let them know they will be hearing from us again next legislative session (if not before!).
  • Most of the members of our Roslindale state house delegation –  Sen. Chang-Diaz, Rep. Malia, Rep. Sanchez, Rep. Holmes, and Rep. Coppinger became co-sponsors of the Safe Communities Act and pledged their support. We need to thank them. We also need to ask them: What happened? How can we be successful next year, and what are their plans to provide strong leadership to get SCA passed in the next legislative session?

Immigrant Rights Events: Mark Your Calendar

Let us know if you can come to one or both by emailing jaimepullen@gmail.com

Immigrants Day at the State House 

Wed. April 4, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
We may organize a RISE bus to the state house with ESOL students

Roslindale ESOL Student Recognition Celebration 

Sponsored by ABCD and Casserly House
Thurs. May 10, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Roslindale Library
Come support the accomplishments of new English speakers! We will invite all to join RISE.

What’s Next for RISE and Immigrant Rights? 

There is still much work to accomplish and many hands that are reaching out to build on the very strong immigrant rights work that has taken place so far. For those of you who missed our last RISE Immigrant Rights Working Group meeting, we discussed several other local initiatives our members will be working on over the next months:

1) House parties in RISE members’ homes to raise funds to support legal services for local immigrants facing deportation hearings;
2) Continuing to work with other community groups to offer Know Your Rights workshops in appropriate languages for local immigrants and families;
3) Continuing support of sanctuary efforts;
5) Continuing to place Know Your Rights information and Everyone is Welcome Here in several languages in local business locations;
4) Planning cultural celebrations, like a Salsa Dance Party, in Rozzie to build ties among our diverse residents and to restore spirits for the work ahead.

Please write back if you would like to share your thoughts or get involved! Write to: roslindalerise@gmail.com.

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