RISE Victory! Plus Call-In Day

Say NO To Trump’s Deportation Machine!

Deporting millions of people isn’t cheap, and it isn’t easy.

That’s why the Trump administration has been sowing fear in our communities, spreading lies and bullying immigrants and those who support them. And they’re trying to get local police and county sheriffs to do the job of federal ICE agents.

In response, RISE has been working with 150 other local organizations to pass the Safe Communities Act. Backed by 95 legislative cosponsors (which includes most but not all of the Roslindale delegation), the Safe Communities Act will make us ALL safer by ensuring that our local law enforcement focuses on public safety, not deportations.

Some Great News! 

Our work of the last nine months is beginning to pay off. RISE has been trying to secure the support of our State Senator Mike Rush, a key member of the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security (where bill is currently stalled). Senator Rush has just written a letter to the committee chair asking that Safe Communities Act be recommended out of committee and sent to the full legislature. While this sounds wonky, it’s the crucial next step to pass the Safe Communities Act!

We appreciate Senator Rush’s action. This would not have happened without pressure from RISE and our allies in West Roxbury and Needham.

The Safe Communities Act needs to move out of committee by February 7 or it won’t pass during this session. We need to act fast! Here’s how you can help:


Got a few minutes to visit the State House?

RISE and others are organizing small delegations of people to visit the state house to thank Senator Rush and to urge our representatives in the House to advocate strongly to have the bill recommended favorably out of committee. These will be quick visits with a few other members of RISE. Showing our faces at the State House is the best way to keep the pressure up! If you have a bit of time to do this, sign up here.

If you can’t attend, consider writing a letter to your State Representative and State Senator urging them to contact the Chairs of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee to ask them to give the bill a swift and favorable report before the February 7 report-out deadline. RISE will deliver your letter to our legislators. Send letters to Jaime at jaimepullen@gmail.com.

Join the January 31 Statewide Call-In Day

Join with the Safe Communities Coalition on Jan 31 and call your senator and representative! Find their contact info hereHere’s a script: My name is _______ and I am a constituent. I live in [your neighborhood]. I’m calling because I support the Safe Communities Act and I want to urge [the legislator you’re calling] to call the chairs of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee (Senator Moore and Representative Naughton) to ask them to give the bill a swift and favorable report before the February 7 report-out deadline. 

(Since most Roslindale Representatives support the bill, we want them to be more active in getting it out of committee. When calling Senator Rush, please thank him for his support!)

We need all available RISERS to make these calls! We also ask you to reach out to friends anywhere in Massachusetts – we need more supporters before Feb 7! Can you reach out to your networks via Facebook, email and personal contacts to ask them to also make a call?

Fired up and want to make more calls? Sign up for phone banking with the ACLU.

Thanks for your support. We’re making a difference!

Kathy Fitzgerald and the RISE Immigrant Rights Working Group

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