How to Fight the Tax Scam

No doubt you’ve heard about the Republican’s disgraceful tax bill making its way through Congress. Different versions have been passed by the Senate and the House, so Republicans are currently working behind closed doors to come up with a compromise version that both chambers will then have to pass. The odds are long, but the fight isn’t over yet.

There is tons of analysis of this bill out there. Try these links for some examples.

Massachusetts’ federal representatives will vote against this bill (in fact all Democrats will probably vote against it). It doesn’t hurt to contact them anyway. But here’s what else we can do:

1. Call your friends and family in “swing” or red states and districts. Make sure they have called their representatives to ask them to oppose the bill.

While all Republican Senators except Tennessee’s Bob Corker voted for the bill, many were on the fence in the days leading up to the vote. Swing Republican Senators came from: Arizona, Alaska, Maine, Montana, Wisconsin, and Kansas. Call any friends you have in these states.

2. Focus on Maine. Many of us probably know folks in Maine. Senator Susan Collins is a crucial swing vote, and she is particularly concerned about the provision in the tax bill that will strip insurance from 13 million Americans.

Make sure your friends and family in Maine have called or visited Senator Collins’ office about this bill. Her DC number is (202) 224-2523 and her offices are listed here. You can also send people to this link at the Maine People’s Alliance.

3. Help RISE follow this issue and plug into a strategy. As far as we know, there is no national group working to plug blue-state residents like us into this battle. If you know of anything, please email and let us know.

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