Make a Call for a Safe Roslindale and Safe Massachusetts

RISE’s Immigrant Rights Working Group is a strong supporter of the Safe Communities Act, state legislation that would protect the health, civil rights and safety of all state residents in a time of unprecedented targeting of immigrants. We are working with the Safe Communities Coalition to get this bill passed!

The bill had overwhelming support at its June 9 hearing and is now awaiting action by the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security. Senator Mike Rush, who represents almost all of Roslindale, sits on this Committee. The bill’s lead sponsors have written a “Dear Colleague” letter to the Committee Chairs asking for a favorable report of the Safe Communities Act, and we need Senator Mike Rush to sign on to the letter, as well as our other representatives. Now is the time to take action for Safe Communities!

RISE and the Safe Communities Coalition are asking you to do three things:

  1. Share this information with at least 10 other people.
  2. Beginning on July 17, call your state legislators (Senator and Representative) through July 21 and ask them to sign on to the Dear Colleague letter circulated by Rep. Matias and Sen. Eldridge. It’s easy – you will speak with a legislative aide. This script and feedback form will walk you through the whole process. Find your legislators here. We need to flood the State House with calls – consider calling every day until they sign on. (That’s what the opposition does!)
  3. Using the form above, provide simple feedback to the Coalition on your legislator’s position. This will give the Coalition critical information to inform our lobbying and grassroots mobilizing over the next two months.

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