Congress and Trump Won’t Terminate the EPA

Instead, they’ll restrict the agency in far subtler ways

By Robinson Myer, The Atlantic, February 16, 2017

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Posted by: Justine

Summary: Congress is gearing up to take small steps to limit the power of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases, make businesses comply with environmental rules, and use science and public health data to make decisions. The recent House Resolution to terminate the EPA is a distraction from the “boring” legislative steps that are already beginning.

Relevance: Restrictive resolutions have been introduced or gone as far as passing the House and referred to the Senate. The Secret Science Reform Act of 2015 has passed the House. This limits data the EPA can use to only that which is publicly available; this means confidential public health data cannot be used since it cannot be made available to the public online. The REINS act requires the House and Senate to approve new EPA regulations costing more than $100 million or the regulation will die within 70 days; this will easily prevent regulations from being passed.

Actions: Call your representatives and senators to tell them you oppose these acts and support the EPA. Become informed about other resolutions and spread the word to others.

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