Leadership Trainings

Please use the Eventbrite Links Below to sign up for the trainings being offered on
March 25 and April 1.  
Training 1 – Community Decision Making
How a group makes decisions has a great impact on how a group functions. This training will focus on values-based decision making that allows for the group to ensure the decision making process reflects the priorities of the group. We will look at tools offered through consensus decision making as well as modifications that can help address group power dynamics.
Training 2 – Facilitation Tools and Practices
As new people take on leadership in a group, it is important that they have the skills to help run group meetings. Practicing facilitation tactics that involve active engagement with conflict as well as explicit efforts to ensure all voices are heard is helpful for those who are new to group facilitation. Other skills such as synthesizing ideas, summarizing key points, and moving the group forward are best developed over time, though we will practice with some tools that make these practices easier. The facilitator is responsible for making sure the meeting process is just and equitable and the best facilitation is rooted in the groups values.
The Trainer- 
Rev. Jason Lydon is a Unitarian Universalist Community Minister and the National Director of Black and Pink. Jason has done work with countless organizations and coalitions and has helped groups design decision-making policies and practices on national and local levels. Jason was trained in consensus decision making in the early 2000s and has worked, primarily, with Unitarian Universalist groups on consensus implementation. Jason’s primary work is with those engaged in efforts to abolish the prison industrial complex, with a specific focus on the unique experiences of LGBTQ/HIV+ prisoners.

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