There’s More Than One Way to Blow Up the Paris Climate Deal

There’s More Than One Way to Blow Up the Paris Climate Deal

The Trump Administration could throw a “hand grenade” into global warming negotiations

By Rebecca Leber, Mother Jones, January 27, 2017

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Posted by: Justine

Summary: The Trump administration may keep a seat at the table in climate change negotiations, but that seat could damage the Paris climate change agreement and climate change negotiations across the globe if it means not adhering to the agreement and not holding other countries to the standards set forth in the agreement.

Relevance: The Trump administration may appear to be working on climate change, but be working on anti-climate change, pro-oil agenda instead. From the article: “A Trump administration could lower the bar of climate ambition while saving face internationally and remaining within the Paris agreement.”

Action: Pressure elected representatives to pay attention to environmental issues. Environmental regulations at the state level and divestment may also be important if the federal government isn’t active.

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